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Grad Night

A Rite of Passage for most High School Seniors

Imagine a Group of Seniors Locked in a Gym Without Their Cell Phones for Eight Hours!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

On the Very Last Night of High School, They Bare Their Souls to Each Other

Fortunately, What Happens at Grad Night Stays at Grad Night...

Crazy4Love is set from dusk to dawn during Grad Night, the “all bets are off, lockdown party for most high school seniors that immediately follows graduation, with no rules, no parents, and no chaperones.

On this night, hearts will be broken, romances ignited, secrets revealed, scores settled, and long-simmering rivalries will explode in non-stop song and dance.

Grad Night is everyone’s last chance to party together before they leave for college and the rest of their lives. The vibe is “Now is all that matters…”

Crazy4Love relives those last magical, innocent moments of youth where romance and passion rule all.

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